My name is Tom McLaren.  I'm currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Literature & Criticism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  I have many academic interests, but the three areas I'm focusing on for my degree are Drama and Theory of the Black Arts Movement, 20th Century American Drama, and Postcolonial Theory.  I currently work in the Foreign Language Department at Fooyin University in the Republic of China.  I'm teaching English Conversation and Writing, but mostly English Presentation.  I still have my old info-page at RMU.

My number one goal right now is to complete my Ph.D. I just passed my language exam and am now reading for my comprehensive exams. I hope to continue my studies of Judo (柔道) and Aikido (合気道), and perhaps pick up some Chin Na (擒拿), and Nei Ja (內家).  I hope to pursue a research agenda focusing on the the Avant Garde, especially Artaud, Dada and Surrealism, and Intercultural Communication.

I really, though, long for the day far in the future when my life will consist of sunrise tai-chi, yoga, and pilates, my pool and hot tub, playing in the sun, bottled water, espresso drinks, and reading and writing at my leisure.