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--From Bum Fu at Bullshido

Combat Wrestling is a current (buzz?)word for an eclectic fighting style that integrates traditonal and progressive throws, locks, and takedowns, and even strikes, rips, and tears, from many styles.   It's a no-holds-barred grappling art focusing on aggressiveness as opposed to the passivity common these days of lying flat on your back.

While each individual should develop their own personal style, mine is a mixed bag of slams from judo, aikido, and various wrestling styles and strikes and rips from shaolin kung fu.  I like to think it focuses on power, speed, and technique combining vital-point strikes with throws focusing on the head, neck, and shoulders.  I have made up throws/variations I've never seen before.  I'm also trying to work in some Southeastern Asian stuff I've seen.

These days, I'm studying at Pittsburgh Yoseikan Academy.  They offer several days a week of judo and aikido for $50/month.  I'm mainly going for the judo, but I hope to participate in the aikido, too.  More on this later.

Brett Jacques and Marc MacYoung made me realize that going to the ground outside of sports/mat situation isn't something to take lightly: just ask my old college roommate about the time he fell onto the broken beer bottle one night in the South Side.

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Check out these quotes from on the Abu Dhabi Combat Club Forum (or as I like to call it, the Great Gracie Propaganda Machine) post Rickson Vs. Karelin:

Just from my experience as a white belt, I had drawn against a Japanese Sambo guy who was pretty well-built. I did as I was trained to do at the time, butt-flop into the guard. He lift me up and SLAMMED me onto the mat! I was'nt too sure what to do, by then he slammed me a SECOND time. This time, my head slammed into the mat.

According to my friends, he slammed me into the mat again, passed and got my arm. I woke up to see his leg over my face and me tapping furiously. To this day, when I watch the tape, I laugh at myself and when my friend's voice on the video was saying "Stop it, Stop it!"

-Blue Belt

[S]omeone earlier said that from all the wrestlers on the top 100 list, Rickson will beat them easy and Karelin will offer little resistance.
Thast just funny! In my modest opinion, Karelin will change Rickson's curvature of the spine permanently.


Anyone who thinks Rickson could beat Karilin,(or that it would even be close) today or in their prime, must be living in a fantasy world, and should get their heads checked.


BAT-ERDENE Badmaanyambuu
Mongolian National Judo Team

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My daily workout consists of a Wrestling or Judo practice (commonly solo) including drills and isometrics, a low-impact cardio (20-30 minutes), and a synergetic ab workout.   Later in the day, I'll do some tai chi, chi kung, or yoga movements for relaxation.  A couple of times a week, I also sprint and powerlift.

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Alexander "The Experiment" Karelin
Still a True Champion


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