Basic Black Sans Pearls
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My Head Between 2 Knockers

My Niece

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Me with Barry Eisler


Key West
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Wastin' away in Margaritaville.

Here's me and my sister--you guess which one, Patty or Selma--at Hog's Breath.

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South Korea
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Chusok Party, Kyungte


Daegu, Kyungte

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tom.jpg (17670 bytes) Iksan, Hong Song Hi


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My Football Pin

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Radical Day 2005



Beyers Hall, CCAC Allegheny Campus




Andy Warhol Museum


EAPSU 2005

Mais, Tom, Jen

Me and Yuka


Me in the 90s.


Me in the 80s.

My grandpap's Mustang.


Me in the 70s

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