I am very interested in avant garde performance. I wish I would have been around to see Dionysus in 69 and Meat Joy. Some of the theorists and performers I'm most interested are Antonin Artaud, Coum Transmissions, The Living Theatre, the Vienna Actionists, and Diamanda Galas. I also enjoyed Timespace in the early 90's in Pittsburgh.

Finding the MMA Tracker was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was on BitTorrent 24-7.  I'm actually locked out of the MMA Tracker right now. If anyone could help me with an invitation, I'd really appreciate it.

I also love space music. Some of my favorite performers are Alpha Wave Movement, Air Sculpture, and Spacecraft. These days, I stream Sky FM.  In the US, I was a regular listener to the shows Echoes and Star's End. Back in the old days when I went to Cal U, I used to listen to a line-up a few hours before bed every night on West Virginia Public Radio. The Line-up was Echoes, Music from the Hearts of Space, and then 2 hours of Nightshades, which was the name for a local DJ spinning new age, space, and ambient.  In Taiwan, with the 12-hour time difference, I regularly listen to Coast to Coast AM when not in class.  On the weekends, I love Modern Masterpieces from WQED 89.3 in Pittsburgh.  It plays the best avant garde modern composers I've heard on the radio. 

Outside of academia, I enjoy reading thrillers by such writers as John Burdett, Barry Eisler (I take part in his forum), Christopher G. Moore, Lee Child, Robert Crais, Jack Dubrul, and Dick Marcinko, to name a few.